BPM - Business Process Management :

BPM is a management methodology that provides for governance of a business's process environment toward the goal of improving agility and operational performance. BPM is a structured approach employing methods, policies, metrics, management practices and software tools to manage and continuously optimise an organisation's activities and processes.

BPM is about improving business processes
BPM is about business, not about IT.
The objective of BPM is to increase the organisation’s revenue by optimising their business processes.

Business Value

    - Greater business efficiency: Less paper and shorter work-cycles.
    - Improved productivity: Releasing bottlenecks and better collaboration between people and systems.
    - Closer management control: Identifying risks, avoiding risks and taking the right decision at the right time.
    - Better collaboration between human roles and systems. - Automated compliance and risk management.

Greater business efficiency - Any new enterprise faces considerable efforts and expenses while it establishes itself in new offices: training employees, responding to customers, setting up administrative and reporting systems, and much more. BPMS allows you to develop and test workflow processes and, when they succeed, deploy them rapidly throughout the organization.

Improved productivity - Ensuring that the employees are better informed is a sure step towards improving work throughput and performance. BPMS deals with business processes that cover all activities – enabling you to move more smoothly through each cycle until the final result is achieved. This boosts the organisation's employee productivity and revenue growth.

Closer management control - Company files are full of examples of wasted opportunities in retaining customers and growing customers by providing a superior and attentive level of service. Major resources in BPMS are focused on developing and optimizing operational processes that will result in a positive customer experience. Happy customers are loyal customers, and loyal customers are happy to spend more.

Automated compliance management - Meeting the compliance standards of many international institutions is a daunting prospect, drawing precious work time away from revenue-generating activities. BPMS is designed to collect and assemble the building blocks of such processes, thereby helping employees to meet compliance requirements more rapidly.

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