Fractal Methodology:
Our software development is based on a methodology known as Fractal Model, described in the paper published by Brian Foote (

Fractal Model refines iterative models developed in Waterfall, Evolutionary, and Spiral process models comprising of Prototype, Expansionary and Consolidation phases. In this model emphasis is placed on the Software Infrastructure for solving a range of application requirements and application design is reviewed and corrected during the Consolidation phase to minimize maintenance costs (typically 60-85% is the maintenance cost of a project). We consider this an opportunity driven model.

Project Management:
Each project is divided into three phases called Discovery, Implementation, and Support. The Discovery phase begins with understanding the customer's existing business process and the infrastructure that supports it. An evaluation report is then provided to the customer in order to justify the proposed automation. Once the customer feels comfortable with our understanding of the system requirements, we quickly provide a prototype utilizing our reusable software objects. This helps the customer not only evaluate risk factors but also prepare for adaptation of the new system. Project is then moved into the next phase called Implementation. In this phase, the implementation team expands the existing functionality of the objects used in the prototype to accommodate new requirements. As the functionality of the individual objects that comprise of the entire system mature, the system design is finalized one last time. This allows consolidation of the objects for performance efficiency. As the consolidation of each object is completed, the customer is encouraged to use the system. Customer's feedback at this stage of the project helps us evaluate systems robustness and efficiency as we add remaining features.

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